Alternative to Shower Curtain Ideas

Your sense of adventure might go broader into your bathroom decoration; however your usual shower curtain seems not fit at all. Or even you want to go with greener; a plastic curtain will not let that thing. If you are in position considering how to handle the splashing water in your shower space, then you can choose another alternative to shower curtain to compliment your style. Even you are also able to add your own personal decoration in your bathroom and access to your shower area. Although shower curtain just looks like small and unrecognized items, however it can change your bathroom’s nuance dramatically.

Alternative To Shower Curtain
Alternative To Shower Curtain

Ideas of Alternative to Shower Curtain Rod:

You can hang unusual shower curtain rod

You should know that standard straight curtain is not the only way that you can hang in your shower. You can consider placing curved shower curtain rod which also provides you with bigger arm space as well, especially for freestanding bathtub and standard shower as well. So, you are able to use ceiling shower rod which being extended toward your ceiling and provide you with full glass interior effect. You can consider using other materials of shower rod, such as: chrome, bamboo, etc in order to show off your bathroom design as well.

Using glass

You can just skip out usual curtain and attached your shower space with glass wall. We all know that glass can be placed in order to catch the splashing, and glass surrounding your shower and bathup along with the hinged door to the glass cubicle. All of these ideas can be your best modern style. Glass is also able to reduce the soap and shampoo residue as well. However you might need certain maintenance to keep your glass clear.

 Try with garden path

You can make ornate metal for your garden path which is also covered with protective sealer. This is even better when getting fitted with glass in shower doors that will make your bathroom design is more stand out. You are also able to use reclaimed brick to pave your floor with earth colors in your wall. Then you can add great effects by hanging verdigris chandelier and add a bit touch of green plant.

 Rain forest decoration

In this point you need to forget all of shower curtains and come with something great. You can mimic the rainforest affect by adding one rain shower head or even more.