Attaching Baseboard with Quarter Round

Baseboard with quarter round can be a good choice for you who want to build or simply renovate your house. Well, how can we attach it and what benefits we can get from it?

Baseboard With Quarter Round
Baseboard With Quarter Round

Baseboard with Quarter Round Attached

There are two types of baseboard with quarter round. They are shoe molding and traditional quarter round. Those types have differentiation in their shape. The shoe molding comes with oval shape while the traditional semi round comes with one – fourth a circle shape. Here are some steps you can do to attach quarter rounded baseboard.

Step 1

You can start attaching baseboard from the corner side. You have to cut an angle of 45 degree on the baseboard. The angle should be taken at the end of the quarter round.

Step 2

The second step is that you have to make sure that instead nailing the floor you have to nail the dashboard.

Step 3

The third step you need to do is that you have to work all around the room. You can use the miter cuts you have made before and place them to every corner of the room.

Step 4

The next step is that you have to make holes by using nails and fill them with wood putty. Use only soft cloth to wipe them away from the hole’s surfaces

Step 5

The last step is painting the trim piece. It is aimed to match the color of the floor and the baseboard as it is important to unite them in color harmony.

The Benefits You Can Get from Baseboard with Quarter Round

What is quarter round actually? It is actually a molding with strip thin that is attached to baseboard. That is why some people also call the quarter round as molding. There are some reasons why you should apply this kind of baseboard to your house. It can be a good choice to apply especially on an unfinished floor. It is because the unfinished floor usually has base installed afterwards. This item is aimed to give protection to a baseboard form any damage caused by vacuum, blemishes as a result of shoe scuffs, cleaning equipment and also the other external factors that may cause damages on it. Not only that, a quarter rounded baseboard also has some other functions. It can help you to make floating floors remain on their place. Another benefit you can get from it is you can use it to cover any gap exists between dashboard and floor as the result of minor undulations occur in the subfloor.