Behr Vs Benjamin Moore Comparison

Behr Vs Benjamin Moore; which one of these two brands offers the best exterior paint for your house? Choosing a paint brand can be an extremely difficult task for homeowners, especially those who are highly unfamiliar with the weakness, strengths, and colors that a certain paint brand has. We all know how the shades of a particular paint can differ greatly from one paint brand to another.

Behr Vs Benjamin Moore
Behr Vs Benjamin Moore

However, having narrowed down your options to Benjamin Moore brand and Behr brand does not necessarily makes it less of a struggle. Fortunately for you, these two brands have long been considered as the best manufacturers for exterior paint – whichever you choose, you surely won’t be disappointed.  But to help you determine one that is suitable for your needs, we have made a side-by-side comparison.

Behr Vs Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint

Behr Vs Benjamin Moore has long been a topic for debate among many homeowners. Many swear by Behr, citing that it offers an astounding paint quality for the price, while others remark on how Benjamin Moore easily wins the side-by-side comparison of the two brands. As a homeowner with zero knowledge on both brands, being on the market after reading these differing reviews can be confusing.

To end the confusion once and for all, we find that both sides of this seemingly never-ending debate are right. But to determine which one of the brands that is suitable for you undoubtedly depends on your needs and personal preference.

Behr offers more affordable option of exterior paint without having to sacrifice of its quality and color’s richness. Benjamin Moore, on the other hand, is highly regarded as the brand for premium quality paint. While Behr boasts a quality paint and beautiful colors, it’s still slightly less luxurious when compared to Benjamin Moore.

The verdict; which one is better?

Better in this regard is rather subjective. Depending on your personal preference and budget, one is bound to be better than the other. With a staggering price difference, it’s easy to see that Behr which is 15-dollar cheaper than its competitor may win the hearts of many homeowners looking for quality without having to break the bank. However, if money is no objection, the rich and luxurious color of Benjamin at 50-dollar per gallon may be ahead of Behr.

Even when you are not aiming to make your house the talk of the neighborhood, the hues and shades of your exterior paint can affect the whole house as well as the entire street. But the pressure is now hopefully off with this Behr Vs Benjamin Moore comparison.