Benjamin Moore Vs Behr: How to Color Match

Benjamin Moore Vs Behr have always been one of the hottest topics that is up for discussion among homeowners. Both paint brands offer beautiful and rich colors, combined with impressive quality. However, it seems like many decorators lean more towards Benjamin Moore for their projects. Unless otherwise requested, Benjamin Moore always be their go-to paint brand for many reasons.

Benjamin Moore Vs Behr
Benjamin Moore Vs Behr

One of the aforementioned reasons is the fact that Benjamin Moore offers premium quality paint with luxurious finish. While Behr offers matching quality, it somehow cannot match the rich and luxurious color that Benjamin Moore has. However, Behr makes it up with affordability – something that its competitor clearly lacks on. Being 15-20 dollars cheaper than Benjamin Moore, Behr becomes a great alternative.

Benjamin Moore Vs Behr Color Match

Not all homeowners have the ability to afford a 50 dollar per gallon of paint, more so when they must paint the whole house. With so much surface to cover, Benjamin Moore becomes a highly uneconomical choice for the average homeowners. But what if they love the Benjamin Moore’s impeccable shades and want to get the same color for their house?

Or perhaps, they initially used Benjamin Moore, but comes the time for a little touch-up and they can no longer afford it. Color matching Benjamin Moore Vs Behr can be a tough nut to crack. And having the same room covered with different shades, regardless of how subtle it is, can be a frustrating sight. Luckily many commented they have a good luck color matching Benjamin Moore to Behr and vice versa.

How to properly color match paints

Does your wall need reminting or do you want to get the same shades of superior brand such as Benjamin Moore but cannot afford it? Regardless of the reason you decide on switching from one paint brand to another, color matching and making sure that the color comes out as close to the shades of another paint brand can be a challenge. However, this does not necessarily mean you cannot get it done.

When the need for color matching arises, many homeowners commented that sometimes it’s a hit or miss. You can easily go to the store of the paint brand, and ask them to get you a paint which color is similar to the one you want. While this method works, to avoid a hit-or-miss situation, bring the color sample card of the paint you desire and ask them to run a match in their database. With this simple step, you’ll have more luck color-matching Benjamin Moore Vs Behr!