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Prevent Your Ceramic Tiles From Cracking

Ceramic Tile Crack Prevention: There are many reasons why ceramic tiles develop cracks and one of the main reasons is because the sub-floor on which the ceramic tiles are placed have shifted and this can certainly cause your ceramic tile to develop cracks.

Another major cause of ceramic tiles developing cracks is the grout, when the grout starts to develop cracks the tiles will obviously start shifting and this in turn will cause cracks to develop.

In order to avoid this worry you should do everything possible to eliminate cracks from appearing in your ceramic tile from the beginning, meaning when you install your ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles should be installed on a clean even surface and this includes those slabs of concrete or wood frames underneath your flooring, also referred to as your sub-floor.

These should be installed so that they are securely fastened in place and are unable to shift as the new floor begins to settle.

When installing your ceramic tiles you should make sure that you use some form of reinforcement on your sub-floor such as a good backer-board made out of cement which would guarantee that your sub-floor will remain intact, which in turn will prevent your ceramic tiles from developing cracks.

Your grout is also important and that is why when you are doing your grout installation you should ensure that you have packed your grout into the grout lines as far as it can reach.

You must ensure that it does not develop little spaces when it dries and cause your ceramic tile to shift and cause water to seep into these grooves causing your tiles to develop cracks and sometimes even to loosen from its position.

It is also important to mix your grout to the exact recommendations of the manufacturer and allow it to harden properly before exposing it to water.

So in summation the best way to prevent ceramic tiles from cracking is to have a proper installation done in the first place, and if you think that you are not able to do the job on your own you can always get someone who has more knowledge of this type of installation to help you with your project.

Or if you prefer and you can afford it maybe it would be best if you hired a professional ceramic tile installation person to do the job for you. Yes it will certainly cost you some money but think of all the worries that you will be saving yourself in the long run.

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