Colors that Compliment Teal for Wedding Color Theme

Looking colors that compliment teal is quite easy since this mixture of blue and green colours is versatile. Teal can be combined with white to make lighter shade or gray for darker option. It brightest level has a yellow undertone which make it similar to turquoise. Meanwhile, on it most muted, it is just close to a green slate. Teal is often associated with sea and tropical thing but it also becomes favourite options in mid-century. Teal not only suit bright white but and coral. Cream, navy, pink, gold, and brown are serve as great combinations for this green colour. Although it is more associated with classic, teal match with almost all style, from eclectic to traditional. Teal also can be great option for wedding theme especially if it is combined with several amazing colours.

Colors That Compliment Teal
Colors That Compliment Teal

Colors That Compliment Teal Green Wedding

Do you want to infuse teal green in your wedding party? This colour will look pretty fascinating if you can choose the right colour combination. For the first option, you can go with the combination of teal, gold, and peach. Teal green is considered as trendy colour for the past few years since it is quite versatile. Teal can create great combination to most of shades in rainbow colours. The combination of teal and gold create nice look since it provides matte and sparkly which look contrast but balance. Teal also suit warmer pastel tones as well like peach. Those two colours create eye-catching and unique look since the warm and cool shades are united together. Since both teal and peach have pastel look, the difference between both of them are not really significant so they keep looking good. The combination of teal, gold, and peach will create stunning wedding theme in springtime.

Another perfect combination of colours for any wedding is coral, teal, and light grey. Coral and teal became two popular colors in 2014 so that both of them create amazing look when being paired together. Both coral and teal are considered as bright hues which provide fun look and suit the best with light grey if you want to make the combination more balance. Those three colours are effective to invite fun and happy ambiance for any ceremony or reception so that it can be great wedding colour theme for spring or summer. Neutral shade such as light grey becomes the example of great colours that compliment teal since it helps to soften the brightness.