Colors that Go with Rose Gold

Understanding colors that go with rose gold is important because colors cannot stand alone. They either match with other colors or clash with them. If you use rose gold as the color of your clothing, accessories, jewelry, home decoration, vehicle, etc, you need to make sure that you can choose other colors that match with rose gold. Rose gold is a very popular color especially in a wedding ceremony. Rose gold is one of the most frequently chosen colors for wedding rings and wedding gown. If you happen to use this color as a prominent element for your wedding theme, let’s take a look at some colors that go well with rose gold.

Colors That Go With Rose Gold
Colors That Go With Rose Gold

Wedding Colors that Go with Rose Gold

One thing that you may be concerned with when choosing rose gold for your wedding ring and accessory is your skin tone. Fortunately, while yellow gold and silvery metals are suitable only for specific skin tones, rose gold matches all skin tones well. With yellow gold and silvery metals, the contrast will sometimes look very sharp and stark. Rose gold is much softer and therefore a perfect match for all skin tones. Despite its softness, however, rose gold still makes statement. With rose gold jewelry, you can appear flashy and elegant regardless of your skin tone.

Now we are going to explore some colors that go with rose gold that you will use for your wedding decoration. Rose gold looks perfect with every skin tone. It actually also looks perfect with virtually every color; however, some colors do make rose gold appear more amazing. Here they are.

Pink and White

Pink and white pair has a special place in this list because they are actually the two colors that make up rose gold. We can admit that there is a strong element of pink in rose gold and that the shiny element of rose gold can be represented by white.


Aqua is the opposite of pink in color spectrum. While pink belongs to reddish hues, aqua belongs to blueish hues. The softness of aqua makes it an excellent backdrop for rose gold, which also appears soft. The shiny element of rose gold makes statement without diminishing aqua’s beauty.

Smoky Colors

Smoky colors, such as gray and smoky blue, are great matches for rose gold because of one reason: they allow rose gold to shine. Rose gold is soft with a strong potency to shine. Smoky colors strengthens such potency and make them the best colors that go with rose gold.