Colors that Look Good with Orange Apparel

If you love orange, you should also love colors that look good with orange. You can wear monochromatic orange dress from top to bottom, but most of the time, you are forced to combine orange with other colors. If you choose colors that complement orange in a harmonious way, you and the dress you wear will look great. Choose colors that clash with orange and you will not look as elegant as you expect. Let’s explore all color options to find colors that look great when paired with orange.

Colors That Look Good With Orange
Colors That Look Good With Orange

Secondary Colors that Look Good with Orange

Adding only one secondary color is often enough to give a little bit of variation to your monochromatic orange dress. Here are some colors that you can pair with orange.

  1. Neutral colors

Orange is a bold and bright color. Neutral colors can be an excellent backdrop to enhance the sparkling effect of orange. White and black work excellently with orange. You can also try gray, light brown and other calm colors.

  1. Purple

Purple and orange make a weird contrast; however, they don’t actually contradict each other. Both orange and purple are dynamic colors. When combined, they make up a very lively combination. Purple is almost similar to gray when combined with orange, except that purple gives more energy due to its livelier hue.

  1. Blue

Blue is possibly the best color to be paired with orange. You can use any shades of blue, but bright cobalt blue and navy blue are considered the most preferred. You can even combine orange with blue jeans. The sparkling effect of orange when combined with the subtle patter of blue jeans gives an energetic look to your apparel as a whole.

Colors that Look Good with Orange and Blue

To make your look even livelier, you can actually add a third color to your clothes. Orange and blue make up the best combination to evoke a sparkling effect. You can add a third color to this combination both to enhance this effect and to provide a soft backdrop to give more energy to both colors.

Because you already have two bold colors, adding a third color that is similarly bold might not be a good idea. As a result, you will be encouraged to choose calmer colors that give emphasis to both colors. White and black are excellent choice, but you can also play with browns and patterns to discover colors that look good with orange and blue.