Commercial Dishwasher for Home; Should You Buy One?

Some homeowners prefer to install commercial dishwasher for home instead of residential one because of the heavier dishwashing duty that they have to deal with at home. Commercial dishwasher is a heavy-duty dishwasher that is used in restaurants and other places that serve foods and drinks to customers. Commercial dishwasher is designed to handle dishwashing duty that is more extensive than that at home. There are pros and cons of choosing commercial dishwasher for home use, so if you plan to buy it and to install it at home, you may need to understand the difference between commercial and residential dishwasher and whether choosing the former gives you more benefits or more disadvantages.

Commercial Dishwasher For Home
Commercial Dishwasher For Home

Commercial Grade Dishwasher for Home

Before you buy a commercial dishwasher for home, you may need to know how the dishwasher differs from its residential counterpart. Here are factors to consider when making distinction between the two dishwashers.

  1. Type

Residential dishwasher is usually available only in one type that is usable for all-around dishwashing tasks. Commercial dishwasher, on the other hand, is available in many variants. There is high-temp dishwasher that uses hot water to sanitize the dishes and low-temp dishwasher that uses chemicals. There is also glass washer that is used in bars. If you want to buy a commercial dishwasher, you have to be smart in making choice.

  1. Plumbing and Electricity

Residential dishwasher only requires 115 volts of electricity and typical household plumbing to install. Commercial dishwasher, on the other hand, requires more complex installation. It usually requires additional wiring, at least 208 volts of electricity, three phases of electrical hookups, and plumbing system that doesn’t use PVC because PVC cannot bear the appliance’s heat.

  1. Installation

While residential dishwasher is safe to be installed on any orifice, commercial dishwasher should be surrounded by either masonry or stainless steel. The dishwasher’s operation produces heat and movement that may cause damage to hardwood. Therefore, if you use hardwood floor or surrounding wall, you should know that commercial dishwasher may warm them.

  1. Cost

Given the fact that commercial dishwasher uses more complex mechanism, more rigorous operation, and more complex plumbing and electrical installation, the purchasing, installation and maintenance costs of a commercial dishwasher are obviously higher than those of residential dishwasher.

Should You Buy Commercial Dishwasher for Home?

Based on the explanation above, you should buy a commercial dishwasher only if you really need it. Commercial dishwasher is designed to offer high-speed dish cleaning and drying and heavy-duty dishwashing performance. Some residents indeed need it, making purchasing and installing a commercial dishwasher a viable choice; however, for residents who normally deal with low amount of dirty dishes, a commercial dishwasher for home might be considered an unnecessary luxury.