What Alternatives to Glass Shower Doors for You

If you are bored with your bathroom design, you might need alternatives to glass shower doors to make it more stylish. Why should it be stylish? Well, though bathroom is private area in a house, but having nice design of bathroom can make your bathing activity more comfortable. One of the easiest ways to makeover it is by adding glass shower door to the design. But some people are reluctant to apply it to their bathroom because it is easy to get dirty and looks unclear. So, how can we clean glass shower doors? And what is the most suitable alternative glass shower door for you?

Alternatives To Glass Shower Doors
Alternatives To Glass Shower Doors

What Are Alternatives to Clear Glass Shower Doors?

For you who are interested in applying glass shower door but still worried to find the best way to clean it, here are some alternatives to clean it so your glass door remains clean and clear. First thing you should remember is that you have to avoid using soap and hard water because they can accumulate the dirty buildup on its surface and causes permanent damage to it. Instead of using soap you can try to use microfiber cloth or a squeegee. They can easily clean water spotting and work more efficiently. The most important thing is they will not cause any damage for the glass.

Alternatives to Glass Shower Doors Styles

There are some styles of glass shower doors that may inspire you with their models. But whatever the design is, just make sure that you choose it wisely so you will not be disappointed in the end.

  1. Frameless Glass Shower Door

Frameless glass shower door perhaps is the most popular style compared to all. It is because this kind of style is very flexible that you can fit it to almost every bathroom design. Another thing that makes it popular is that the door comes with simple but elegant style. It is also very easy to clean and it doesn’t require a lot of effort to maintain.

  1. Aluminum and Glass Shower Door

The next popular style is aluminum and glass shower door. It is a unique combination of two natural elements which can give strong impression to your bathroom. It comes with dark metal which is combined with glass to make it looks stylish and modern.

  1. Glass Block Shower Door

This style is very suitable for you who want to have strong texture patterns over the glass door design. It is different with other styles of glass shower doors since it comes with strong lines. They are aimed to give cool and clean look to your bathroom.